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Carpet and Vinyl Guarantee
The installation of your carpet is guaranteed against defects in workmanship for one year after the installation of the carpet. Repairs required due to flooding, improper cleaning, or self-inflicted damage, are not covered.

Manufacturers warrantees protect your carpet, and vary according to brand and style. For information about specific warrantees, please consult your carpet supplier.

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Bed Room Carpet

Before purchasing new carpeting there are several things that you should consider. The following is a guide to help you choose the right carpeting for each room in your home.

Living Room Carpet
How much traffic does your room endure? For heavy traffic areas, you should always choose the best carpet you can afford. Look for high performance ratings for any room that is the center of family activity.
Because carpeting is the foundation of a room's décor, color is an important consideration. Carpet color is often a personal choice. While warm colors can heat up a room with little light, cooler colors (greens & blues) can have a calming effect. For high traffic areas, dark colors and textures help hide stains and abuse.
Textures & Patterns:
Improved carpet technology allows you to choose from several carpet textures and patterns. A solid colored, textured carpet can add interest and excitement, without being overbearing, to any room in your house.
Price is often a key factor when selecting carpets and rugs. Always ask yourself how long you plan on keeping a carpet. Better quality products, while more expensive, often last longer than lesser quality carpets. Mid-priced carpets are good for rooms that receive little traffic. Always be weary of cheap carpets, chances are you will not be happy with your purchase.